Monday, 20 May 2013

day 20 | love is all around.

It's such a boring Monday morning.

I guess we were all really tired from yesterday's events. We had a procession for Flores de Mayo and it was exhausting. Running around for an hour and a half trying not to trip over children and taking photographs. Urgh. It was fun though, but I'm glad it only comes once a year haha.

Let me just share a photograph I took yesterday of our two "tenants"! They're a mother and daughter pair and they ham it up pretty well for the camera. Aren't they adorbs?

I realize I made a promise to myself to make a weekly photodiary, and though I have been doing pretty well with that, my problem is I don't really like sharing my personal life through a public platform. Lol. So I will resign myself to take more pictures of animals and inanimate objects for this blog.

Anyway, onto the blogging challenge!

Day 20 - Favorite romance book

I think I already mentioned in this blog that I don't really read romance novels. I tend to skip through huge parts of the narrative because I can't bear the cheesy dialogue and cliched plotlines. But sometimes I do read romance if I don't want to get too much into a book and just pass the time, haha. So my pick for favorite romance book is...

Romancing Mr. Bridgerton - Julia Quinn

I picked up this book at the recommendation of Elizabeth May, a photographer/author who I follow. I've always liked bickering couples, so I decided to take a look at the prologue:

Oh, not the love part. He certainly didn't fall in love with her in 1812 (and not in 1813, 1814, 1815, or-- oh blast, not in all the years 1816-1822, either, and certainly not in 1823, when he was out of the country the whole time, anyway.) But his earth shook, his heart leaped, and Penelope knew without a shadow of a doubt that his breath was taken away as well. For a good ten seconds.
Falling off a horse tended to do that to a man.

And I was sold! I think it's so different from other historical romances that I've read because:

(1) Penelope is not a goddess-like beauty. She's not even the "beautiful deep down inside" beauty. She's plain. I think there should be more characters like her in romances. We need to show the world that beauty isn't everything. 

(2) Penelope and Colin are painted as equals. They encourage each other through their dreams and want to see the best for their partners. I have such an equality kink, can't you tell. I hate it when romances focus on the sad dark past of the hero and all the woman has to do is give him a hug and cheer him from the sidelines. Women have problems too! We need support!

(3) It's nice to see a woman have a job and supporting herself in a Victorian society! I've read way too many historical novels where the woman just rots all day at home, mending or reading. I mean, I know that's how women used to spend their days, but it's just incredibly depressing for me to read XD.

I've yet to read books from the rest of the series, but I definitely will!


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