Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 12 | now you're just a book that i used to love

Lol at my title.

Anyway, before I get to my entry, let me greet the mothers a Happy Mother's Day! 

Coincidentally it is also my twin cat's birthday today! Happy Birthday Oya

It may be mother's day but my mom was definitely not in a celebratory mood, as she spent at least half of the day asleep. It prompted me to say "Happy Mother's Day wooohooo party people" in a really bored tone, flailing my arms. At least my sister was amused.

As we already had our fill of cake and pasta, it's time for me to write, write, write!

Day 12 - A book you used to love but don’t anymore

Aww man, what kind of question is this? I'm not the kind of person who just suddenly hates something I love because I grew up or whatever. Especially when it comes to books. So I think I'll discuss a book that I thought was the shit when I was younger, but looking at it now, it's not as good as I made it out to be. And that book is...

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

I think there's a lot of vitriol out there for Dan Brown and his novels, probably because they're so famous yet they're not really ground-breaking. However, I remember that I liked this book a lot when it came out. I've always had a penchant for mystery, sleuthing and adventure. Plus, the little digs at history and religion were interesting too. So safe to say I enjoyed this book while I was reading it.

I think it's when I re-read this the second time that I realized "This wasn't really as good as I made it out to be." For one, Robert Langdon was such a Gary Stu. The plot was super linear and kind of predictable. And the writing was a bit fanfiction-y, like someone just picked up a book of writing tips and decided to go overboard with them.

I don't really hate the novel now, but it's really not that great. Oh, and I didn't like The Da Vinci Code at all. I did flashback to the book again when we were electing a new Pope, so you could say this book was not completely irrelevant to my life.

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