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book challenge day 3 | until the next episode

Welcome to Day 3 and 4 of my book challenge!

I actually had half of my Day 3 entry written up yesterday, but as luck would have it, my home Internet connection was being wonky as heck. Sigh. So I'm going to combine the entries for Day 3 and 4. It's a good thing the two questions are connected!

Also, I've been thinking of doing something different with this challenge. Since my entries are looking so blah and imageless, I think I wanna try illustrating my answers. I know this idea is probably going to crash and burn, given my history of brilliant ideas that never seem to reach resolution, but what the heck! It's not a sin to make and break promises, haha! I might try it with my entries for next week.

That said, let's get on to our next entry...

Day 03 - Your favorite series and 

Day 04 - Your favorite book from your favorite series

By now, I think you know that I'm going to cheat again and name more books than is required. Why? Because I'm indecisive like that!

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of trilogies and books that come in a series. I just hate having to wait! I have a tendency to pick up completed series or stand-alone novels, simply because I am consumed with such giddiness and impatience when waiting for the next book. I also have a tendency to obsessively marathon-read books when I want to find out what happens next, to the point of staying up all night just reading or buying the next book (and does not happen to be in my budget). But I still read a lot of series books 'cause I never learn my lesson.

That said, I am going to name (once again) three series!

1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Blah, typical answer. This deserves a special place in my list because it's the first big series that I ever followed. I started reading this when I was 11, exactly the age of Harry and the gang during their first year. Yes, I waited very desperately for my owl to come and take me away to Hogwarts. 
What makes HP very special was the fact that readers had a sense of community. Up until that point, I've never experience geeking out with someone over a book, because as we were all brought up by society and the cool kids to believe, books are not cool and are only for nerds. Imagine my delight when I could finally talk about a book (singular lol) to other people and have an actual conversation!

This book was also pretty important to me since it came at a time of confusion and deliberation. My peers and I were 11 going on 12, the age where everyone was in a hurry to grow up and leave behind any remnants of their childhood. People were moving onto "cool" things like pop music and mainstream movies, while I was still reading books and watching anime. I got ostracized quite a bit for not participating in normal teen behavior.

But I didn't care. Harry Potter is one of the books that made me realize I'm okay being me, I don't need to become someone else, and that "normal" is overrated anyway. I'd rather be magical. So thank you, Harry Potter and friends. The magic lives on.

Favorite book from Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix

I started reading Harry Potter when the first four books were already out, so I took a nice, steady pace with reading the books, since they were on beck and call whenever I was ready to read the next one. Phoenix was the first book that I had to wait for, and I hated and loved it at the same time! There's nothing quite like getting your hands on a new book, speed reading it to the end, then reading it over and over again until the next book comes out. This book marked my first experience with that.

Let's boil it down to five reasons why I loved this book the most:

1. Things start taking a darker, more sinister turn with the appearance of the dementors.
2. It marks Harry's first steps as a leader and as a hero, with the creation of Dumbledore's Army.
3. It introduced my favorite person in the books ever, Luna Lovegood (I will be reincarnated as her in the next life, mark my words)
4. It introduced Dolores Umbridge, a person I hated way more than Voldemort.
5. Finally, the death of Sirius Black and the ripping apart of my heartstrings.

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

I picked up Percy Jackson at the suggestion of my college Mythology teacher. I read it just before the first movie was released (btw feelings about PJO movie = GRRRRR). I've always loved Greek and Roman mythology and I'm always looking out for retellings of the famous myths, so I knew I was going to enjoy PJO.

At first, I wasn't drawn to it because the writing was really made for 9 year olds and above, and the establishment of the setting and plot was a bit linear (it's for middle school after all, they ain't got no time for prose lol), but what really drew me into this series was the humor and the fast-paced action. A lot of people said that the story was predictable because of the myths, but I for one loved how he retold and reintroduced the myths to younger kids, even the different versions. Also, I applaud Uncle Rick for breaking stereotypes with female characters (no damsels in distress here, folks!) and being really diverse age-wise and race-wise for all the characters.

I think PJO is the kind of series I want to write in the future.

Favorite Book from Percy Jackson and the Olympians : The Last Olympian

I read the five PJO book in a week, I think. The Last Olympian is the final book in the series, and most definitely my favorite! It was a really good wrap-up to the series, as well as a lead in to the Heroes of Olympus series.

Here's five points on why I like The Last Olympian

1. The action suddenly spikes up! Manhattan in ruins! The Party Ponies!
2. Home of great quotes such as “With great power... comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.” -- Nico diAngelo
3. Percy Jackson the Awesome Idiot being more awesome and more of an idiot.
4. It's so much fun reading about the gods and how the banter with each other.

3. The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson

I bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because the title was cool (and it was cheap at the second-hand book store). Kill me, right? It's a good thing the entire series turned out to be cool as well!

To be honest, I can't quite say what I like so much about this series. The writing's not special and the plot's just so-so. But I think the best part of this trilogy is really Lisbeth Salander. She makes the entire series. It's so much fun reading how crazy she can be! At one point in time I actually wanted to cut off all my hair just because I was so crazy about this book. But yeah, I think the best thing about this trilogy is in the characters. They're all really unique and well-crafted, and I really wanted to know more about them. I'm so sad that Larsson had to die before he could finish the series! Just knowing that there were supposed to be 7 more books makes me sad.

The murder-mystery element of the book was also really intriguing. This is probably the first instance where I bought the two follow-up books immediately after the other. I usually wait and save up a bit more money, but I couldn't wait with this trilogy!

Favorite book in the series: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I still remember the moment I bought this in the book store. "Oh, apparently this is a good book... Php 125?! COME WITH ME TO THE CASHIER."

That said, five points again!

1. Compared to Fire and Hornet's Nest, I liked the mystery element of this book better.
2. Snowy eerie almost ghost town setting!
3. It's fun reading about publishing and the economy, things I will never be interested in, EVER
4. The murders were soooo creepy and interesting; sadly, they didn't get in too much detail.

And that concludes this entry! Man, this was long! I need a creature that pokes me when I start blabbering again.


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