Monday, 8 April 2013

A Visit to the Owl Burrow

*cricket chirping, tumbleweed rolling*

Uh, hello.

I posted here almost a month ago. That has got to be a personal record! In retrospect, I've never really meant to abandon this blog, but here's why I never got around to writing anything.

First, I was dealing with a bit of sickness that made breathing a bit difficult and delicate, so I didn't want to spend time making a blog post because that requires sitting up. Kill me, I know. I'm doing better now and I hope it keeps up, but given my track record with luck nowadays, I'm not looking at the bright side of things. On the bright side, being sick made me take better care of myself and my diet, so it's not entirely a downer.

And secondly, I've been having thoughts about reconstructing this blog. I know I said before that this blog was going to be more art-oriented, but I'm having a difficult time producing art (I will talk about this further in another entry). Meanwhile, I'm really getting into finishing my giant pile of books and my to-read list is ever expanding. Also, my last two entries have been about my monthly reads (March's entry is coming up!) and I think I quite like writing about books. I have a lot of themes and issues that I also want to explore through writing.

So here's what's going on: I'm making The Patchwork Owl a more book-centered blog. I'm going to try and produce art with a theme (book characters and quotes) so I get more motivated. I might also sneak in some photodiaries, but most of this blog is going to be about books.

Someone poke me if I start being an idiot and not posting again!