Saturday, 23 February 2013

photodiary | neko nikki 01

Kitten! What're you looking at??

Obviously, I love cats. And I love taking pictures of them. I actually have a rather special talent with stray cats. Usually when I call out to them, they turn to look at me for a snap shot. When I put down the camera, they walk away. Isn't that cool? .... no? Whatever, I think it's cool.

Near my workplace, there are a lot of stray cats. I like taking pictures of them when I'm done with events.

We call him Duling (Cross-eyed)

Our maintenance staff calls her Puti (white) but I call her Soon Mi.

The kitten from above, in repose.

Got the pose from her mama!

Meow! She's so fat.
I'll upload more shots of cats when I find them.

Photos taken with a Canon G1X. 


  1. They sure do know how to pose!

    1. Hihihi, don't they? They make my photographs easier to take :D