Sunday, 17 February 2013

photodiary || a lazy, sunny day for cats and dogs

Hello Wifi! (don't ask the origins of her name)

I recall a few entries ago, wherein I boldly declared that I would make a weekly photo diary. Well, it's only the middle of February but I'm afraid I must take my ambitions down a notch.

Firstly, I'm working with a really cheap camera that has a loser for a shutter and is primarily an underwater camera. Next, I'm dealing with quite a lot of time constraints that prevent me from making a full-blown post. Finally, I realized my life isn't really that interesting that I could compile a sizeable amount of photos for a photo diary every week. 

I think I'm going to step back and reduce it to a twice a month sort of thing. Minimum of one photo diary per  month. The important thing is I keep on practicing my photography as I go by.

So today me and my sister went out for a walk under the scorching sun, because we're idiots like that. Example of being idiots:

Sis: Ate wala akong dalang cellphone (I don't have a cellphone with me)
Me: Di bale, ako din. (Don't worry, me neither)

It was super hot and not really the best time for walking. All the cats and dogs around the neighborhood were definitely feeling the heat! 

I need to mention it was SO HOT and the sun was up really high that I couldn't even see the LCD of my camera properly. It was a lot like shooting with an old school disposable camera, as I only saw the shots properly when I got home. 

Wifi had five kittens, except one of them died yesterday. She looks exhausted.

Cooling off under a car. A lot of cats were hanging out under parked cars.

Lonely dog is lonely.

Curious dog is curious.

Triplet dogs! They were super noisy though.

Cat says no to paparazzi! 

Got it made in the shade. 

Finally, have a kitten. His name is Mikeneko. 

It's nice to take a walk around the neighborhood, burn some fat, and see lots of interesting cats! Next week I'm going to do it earlier to escape the morning sun.

All photos taken by me, with a GE point and shoot underwater camera, edited with Adobe Photoshop. 


  1. Cute pictures!!! So adorable. :'D Oh and maybe you should try lightroom software. It's good for photography. ;)

    1. Thank you Maririn~

      I've always wanted to try Lightroom!