Thursday, 14 February 2013

grateful, excited, inspired, challenged, amazed, and curious

Happy Valentine's Day from my homeboy, Enjolras!

To be honest, I'm not really big on Valentine's. Not because of bitterness, but it's more like, "what's the goddamn point?" I'm not a sentimental person to begin with, so I don't really see the point of dedicating one day to mushiness and adding to the profits of chocolate companies everywhere.

Here's a paraphrased/modified version of M. Bison's most famous quote from legendary (loltastic) Street Fighter movie:

For you, Valentine's Day was the most important day of your life. But for me... it was Thursday.
But don't mind me, enjoy your Valentine's as much as you wish! No significant other? Have a Galentine's instead, by commiserating with other single girls. I don't know if a Guylentine's exists, but who says you can't be the first?

In the meantime, I'm going to answer a mini-blogging challenge from Wanderrgirl as part of my Valentine afternoon.

I am...


...for friends! This is the most cliche answer in the history of ever,but it's super true. I think I'm a pretty difficult person to adjust to because of my... let's just call them "quirks," haha! So I'm definitely grateful for the people who are still talking to me despite their suspicions of me being part of an alien race. You know who you guys are! A big thank you and a virtual hug for sticking with me this far.

...and I just said I'm not sentimental. Haha!


...for a new project at work! I can't mention any details, but it's something new for me and involves a lot of things I love doing, like writing and illustrating.

inspired our company president. Seriously, she's like Wonder Woman, but retired. A few days ago she asked me to scan photos from an old scrapbook she made when she was in high school, and I simply had to feel bad for my meager existence. At the age of 15, she went on a world tour to perform dances around the world! In the words of my colleague, "At 15, I was picking my nose." I'm so motivated to make my 22 year old life at least half as accomplished as her 15 year old life.

challenged detox myself from the Internet. I've been trying this thing where, upon getting home from work, I wouldn't go on any social media sites by staying away from the computer. If I do end up using the computer, I simply use it to write, edit graphics, or watch a movie. So far, I've been doing great! And I think I really need to be less Internet-dependent.


.... by the amount of books I want to read. Haha. This has been a problem of mine isince I was 12! My book list never dwindles: it just keeps expanding. But that's not a problem! I feel like it would be a very lonely day when I discover that I have no more books to read. Why don't you recommend me some of your favorites?


...about YOU, dear reader! Why are you grateful/excited/inspired/challenged/amazed/curious? If you're not any of those things, I suggest you stop moping around teh Intarwebs and find purpose in life! Haha! Then report back here and tell me all about what makes your life beautiful.

I'm gonna spend Valentine's watching the rest of Natsume Yuujinchou San. Cheers! Enjoy this day, and the upcoming weekend as well!



    Luff makes mi life beautiful. La.


      Ahiiiiii~~~~luma-love! Inspired ka ba teng? XD

  2. Super funny entry, Ji.

    //Your company president! My gulay. Shame on me! HAHAHA

    //It'd be a big trouble for me to not dependent on the internet, since my work involves THE internet. Although, I'm looking forward to going out more and to explore. I would really like to be a travel writer, or to write stories with lots of adventure. Hurray to the introvert!

    //I spent my Valentine's in elbi. :P

    1. -- IKR! And when she got back to high school she was president of this club and that club and won declamation contests and such. Hiyang-hiya ako XD

      -- Me too! I manage the social media sites and make the website so I have to be on the Internet the whole day. That's why I'm toning it down after work. Good luck on your impending travels!