Monday, 23 July 2012


WINTERFALL//Paint Tool Sai

There's no winter where I'm from, but it's freezing like the depths of the arctic!!!

It's been raining almost non-stop since Saturday, and this morning is the first time I've woken up without rain from the window. I like rain when I'm indoors, but going to work is a different story! I hate wading through floods. Who knows what the fuck's been in those waters. I really hope it doesn't rain the rest of the week!

Today, I'm going to try and finish season one of Gundam 00, and hopefully get halfway through season 2, seeing as I don't have much to do anyway. Most people go on series marathons like nothing, but I've never actually watched a long series in one day, haha. I dunno, I don't even like it THAT much. And I'm watching a lot of other shorter shows too. It's really interesting though. I've always liked the Gundam series for its socio-political commentary. I've always wanted to be a Gundam pilot!

Something I also like about the series is that females are prominent in leader-roles, like Ms. Sumeragi, and they're seen as active in combat. But I'm still disappointed with the lack of female Gundam pilots, aside from Soma Peries (though it's just a mobile suit and not a Gundam).  Meh. We'll see how the rest of the series goes (I'm on episode 20).

Gonna make my second cup of coffee now. 

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