Monday, 16 July 2012

Some introspection

A Little Light

It's way past the middle point of the year, and I'm going to take this time to look into my goals and see how I'm faring.

* Lose weight/look like I lost weight

- So far, I've lost 2 kg, but my weight has been fluctuating. At least I haven't gone over 55! This goal is sub-goaled (lolwhat) into two parts:

Exercise/General Activity - I have yet to actually stick to a regular exercise routine, but at the very least, I exercise once a week (as opposed to twelve times a year).

Food Intake - My goal is to eat at least 3 egg-meals, 2 fish-based meals, and lots of greens. So far, I'm doing pretty good! Oh, and I haven't eaten chocolate in a while, which is a miracle! I'm starting to also favor healthier snacks (like crackers and fruits) instead of french fries.

* SERIOUSLY start learning French and Korean, and take the JLPT N5.-
Ehem. I've been learning a bit of Korean, but the French is a bit of a stretch! As for studying, I'm doing pretty well by logging on and actually having a gauge for my Japanese skills.

* Buy a tablet, and color something/make an artwork once a week

- Oya the lovely girl lent me her tablet while she wasn't using it, and I wuv her to bits for it. The problem is now, I'm not using the personal computer that much due to (1) shitty Internet connection and (2) lack of Photoshop. Someday I'm gonna get around to installing Photoshop again and actually making artwork. And my Moleskine is just sitting there for posterity. I really need to get around to filling it up.

* Read 4 books per month

- EHEHEHEHE. I'm waaaaaaaaaay behind on this goal, for one reason or another. But I'm slowly catching up! Got some really good books during recent hauls, and I can't wait to read them.

* Watch more movies/TV shows, and watch at least one Japanese movie per 2 weeks.

- The iTouch is getting pretty handy for this, but I dunno about the Japanese movie thing. That might have to take a backseat.

* Watch more documentaries


* Do something drastic with my hair

- Hasn't happened yet, but it will! I'm still researching digital perms and cutting my hair really short, so wait and see.

* Expand my musical repertoire

- This has been the goal I worked most aggressively on lol, and I don't even know why! But anyway, this year my music player said hello to The Perishers, Joe Brooks, 22, First Aid Kit, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

* Learn MOAR software programs

- IS FAILING BADLY. I might have to move this goal into next year, seeing as I'm super busy right now to actually learn anything new.

* Expand my website creation knowledge

- Working on it! I'm trying to get more knowledge about jquery and other web animation elements. I also bought a book on HTML and CSS. Now I just need to read them lol.

* Get out more and go to places

- Achieved! This is a goal that has made my mother and father very unhappy (lol) because I keep going out late. I keep pointing out to them that people my age stay out until 3 in the morning, drunk and drugged and possibly pregnant.

They're still not happy lol.

But anyway, I for one am glad that I'm getting out more because at least the computer/the Internet gets rest time and I get to catch up with old friends! I think I really need to cherish my time away from the Internet more. I'm way too attached to it.

* Keep a planner!

- Done! Might post some photos soon.

* Be a BAMF (WHUT)

- I'm getting there :D


All in all, I think I'm doing pretty well with my goals! Obviously, there are some goals that need to be re-evaluated and some goals that need to be worked on more. But this year, I am happy to say that I am a more accomplished person, goal-wise.

Here's to getting through the rest of 2012.

The art above is my random tablet practice for the week, supposedly an illustration of Emma Bloom from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

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