Friday, 27 July 2012

The Journey to Becoming an Intellectual Organism


And another thing: apparently Russians are viewing my blog. I can only imagine why. Is my penchant for vodka seeping through my meaningless rants?

That aside, let me share one of my favorite TED-X talks.

 David Griffin on How Photography Connects Us

I lalalove TED-X talks. The sad thing is I don't get to watch them as much as I wish I should. Perhaps I should make this a weekly thing, say every Sunday or so. Beats staring at space re-reading Faster than a Kiss again.

I've also been meaning to watch more documentaries (as I have said in an earlier entry), however: (1) I don't know of any good documentaries to watch, and (2) I don't know of a good place to watch these documentaries.

I'll try to document my documentary-viewing escapades in this journal, so I can actually be motivated to watch more.

I hate how the last four paragraphs have begun with "I". Back to work now. 

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