Monday, 21 January 2013

This is the Year I Kick My Own Ass: Part 2

Ready, get set... GO FOR AN AWESOME YEAR!
 Welcome to Part 2 of my yearly goal-setting post!

I decided to make two separate entries so that you people don't have to sift through every single one of my goals. I didn't want to omit them though, because these are things that I really need and want to do. These are also goals that are either standard in every year, or goals that need to be done.

Also, I've included a section called "notes to self". I mentioned in my previous entry that I've always made goals that weren't tangible or measurable, so I didn't know how to evaluate my success. Thus, I'm not listing them down as "goals" per se, but rather tidbits of advice that I will try to keep in mind to govern me towards a better 2013.

Who says 13 has to be bad luck? With these goals, I'm gonna try and make 2013 awesome.

Twenty-thirteen, please be lucky! (2013 Goals)

Read 40 books (average of 3.5 books a month)

I've written about how I failed in reading 50 books last year. Come to think of it, it was a pretty impossible goal because that actually requires reading one book a week, and I didn't have time for that. So this year I lowered the number to 40. I also read somewhere that the average person reads 12 books a year, so my goal is actually almost three times more than the average (excuses!).

This could also be the year that I finally finish all of Haruki Murakami's books! I only have 4 more to go (Wind-up Bird Chronicle, after the quake, The Music of Words, and 1Q84). Wish me luck!

Take the JLPT N4

Last year, I took up the N5, and I think I passed? Anyway, regardless of my passing status, I can still take the N4, so I'm going for it! I want to try translating scripts again (for kiddy anime shows!) but it's so difficult when you have the vocabulary of a third-grader. And I'm disappointed in myself for not recognizing a lot of kanji that I'm supposed to know already! I'm going to set a schedule for studying this year, 'cause last year I studied a month before the exam. Shame on me!

Post an artwork a week 

Every night for the past week, I've actually been forcing myself to draw at least one page in my sketchbook. And it's hard! It's so hard thinking of things to draw! And it's harder trying not to berate myself too loudly lest my parents come in and drag me to the nearest psych ward for talking to myself. But so far I'm getting a lot of practice and that's what really matters. Hopefully by the end of the year I have 52 artworks to show you - shoddy or brilliant, messy or clean, but they're all mine.

Finish a course in Codecademy and learn the basics of one new software program

A lot of people are gonna make fun of me about this, but I get really excited about coding. I felt like some legit computer expert when we made basic computer programs back in high school. Unfortunately I haven't kept up with the times and there are so many languages that I want to familiarize myself with. I enrolled in Codecademy so I would get more motivated to learn when there's a visual graph of how much I'm learning. Plus a programming language would be a great addition to my resume!

Open a savings account and save up (undisclosed amount!)

A lot of things I have to do this year are very much money dependent. And I need to have some sort of guarantee that I'm not going to spend anymore money on books,extra snacks, and the like. Hence, a savings account. I also think I need it for a bonus job I'll be trying out. Let's hope I get to my goal amount! And someone needs to poke me and tell me to stop eating out so much.

Go Kitty! Drive your dreams!

Learn how to drive

I was a bit apprehensive about putting this here, because it's more of a "to-do" than an actual goal. But I'll list it down anyway, just so I could be motivated about actually doing it! I've always, always wanted to learn how to drive so my dad wouldn't have such a hard time driving us everywhere. He drives everyone around and I want to lighten his load a bit. The problem is (1) he doesn't want to teach me cause he knows I'll run over everything lol and (2) I can't really enroll in a driving school because of the time. I'm going to try and find a school that I can go to only on the weekends, and if all else fails I just hijack the car. Kidding!

Notes to Self

Be more positive and stop counting the misfortunes that happened to you.

This is something that I feel is really important, so I tackled it in a whole 'nother entry!

Be more aggressive!

I've self diagnosed myself with minor social anxiety disorder, seeing as I can relate to almsot every single Socially Awkward Penguin meme ever created. I have a problem with speaking up and talking to strangers, even waiters at restaurants. But I think I'm getting better as the years go by! Now I take it as a challenge to approach people and ask for directions/help. I can always get better though!

Say "yes" when people ask you to go somewhere.

Here's a secret for you: when I was younger, I actually made excuses to stay in, not to go out (I'm sorry, friends!). Which sounds ridiculous since everyone my age was out in malls and theme parks, having a good time. Well, last year I put a stop to that by trying to say "yes" when people invite me out. And it's been quite fun! Sure, I'm missing on a lot of Internet time, but how many cat videos do I really need to watch?

Don't stick to routine dates with friends.

Don't get me wrong, I love going out and spending time with my friends, and I love watching movies and exploring different restaurants with them. But I think it's probably time for a bit of a change! Nothing extreme, just different places like museums and concerts.

When you catch yourself in self-pity mode, stop that shit immediately.

I think this is probably the reason I didn't get a lot done last 2012. I was feeling so sorry for myself that at times, I simply resorted to lying in my room and occasionally reading my sister's trashy romance novels. But this year, I'm going to distract myself with productivity. You heard that right. I've got so much to work on and no time to waste sitting around feeling sorry for myself.


And that's the end of my yearly resolutions post! *confetti* I've never actually put so much effort into making a post before. Hopefully, it means I'll exert as much effort in accomplishing these goals! Wish me luck!

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  1. I loved going through your dares! 2 posts! Wow! I'm cheering you on everything listed. :) And I find your Notes to Self really really helpful :)

    1. Ambisyosa lang ako! Hahaha! Thanks so much for the comment and I'm glad you liked my Notes to Self :D

    2. Also I really like your name, for some reason I think of Super Boink :D

  2. Wow, looks like it'll be a busy year for you. :D And thanks so much for introducing me to Codecademy, haha, whatever basics I've known are getting so very, very rusty. I think Landbank doesn't have a maintaining balance. Ah, and on saving, lots of people say "expenses = income - savings" or to always list your expenses so you know where the money is going. Hm, well, I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. Good luck! :D

    1. It only looks like a busy year, haha! Let's pray the procrastination bug doesn't bite me.

      You're welcome~ Codecademy is awesome!

      Ooh, I'll check out Landbank! I hear BPI doesn't have a maintaining balance too. Thanks so much for that savings tip and good luck to you as well!