Friday, 4 January 2013

Lunch break is the best time for internal debates

And the best time to think is while waiting for your order at Chow King, which will always take at least 2 minutes longer than it should. My packed lunch had a bad taste to it. And I was really looking forward to eating corned beef with potatoes. Siomai and pork chao fan would have to do. 

It's four days into 2013 and I've still not written down my new year goals. Aside from being really lazy, I'm also really confused. Looking back at my goals for 2012 (see latest post!), I realize I'm all over the place when it comes to things I really want to do. I want to refine my writing, particularly my prose. I want to work on my art and explore new mediums. I want to learn more software programs. I want to develop my photography, even with just a point and shoot. I want to marry Takeru Sato (yes that's a legit goal, be quiet). But as I found out last year, it's pretty difficult to juggle all these with everyday life.

Another thing I'm confused about is this blog. Most blogs I go to have some sort of cohesiveness to them, a general sort of theme that sticks the blog together. I don't. Then again, maybe I do, as almost all posts I have made here involve some sort of whining. Lol but srsly. I originally made this blog so I'd have a sort-of art progress blog. As you can see, that failed in the most epic manner. It's turned more into my pensive-thoughts-during-lunch-break blog.

So, should I turn this into my personal blog of random musings and get a new one for my art? Or do I stick it out and wait for it to make sense on its own?

To be frank, I'd rather be a hikkikomori but there's no monies in that.

It's four days into 2013 and I'm still the same, confused daydreamer as I was last year.

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