Sunday, 30 June 2013

May-hem! May-hem!

This morning I was sipping my morning coffee, contemplating life and thinking "Oh, I don't have much to do today..."

Today, June 30.

A.k.a. the very last day of June.

For some reason I panicked and thought of this blog and how I promised myself to write two entries this June about my monthly reads. Which was strange. seeing as I have the tendency to forgive myself and allow late entries as often as I can. But what the hey, I did say I didn't have much to do today, so I guess I better put the writing gears to use and write.

I didn't actually read a lot last May for some reason. Birthday blues, I guess. But at least I managed to read three books!


17 and 18. Scott Westerfeld - Behemoth - **** and Scott Westerfeld - Goliath - *****

Finally I finished this series! I forgot the exact month when I finished Leviathan, but after that I went on a rampage on all the Book Sale outlets I came across, trying to look for Behemoth and Goliath. I almost caved in and bought the exorbitantly prized hardcover version of Goliath, but I luckily had my sister with me to slap me out of that bad decision. I ended up reading the ebook versions, but I swear I will get around to buying actual copies of these books!

I don't actually know how to go around reviewing this book, other than flailing around declaring my eternal worship for Scott Westerfeld, but I will try to be coherent! Both books were very good follow-ups to the first book in the series, and the action just heightened from there. I love how the Leviathan crew journeyed to a lot of different places during the war, and Westerfeld still manages to paint the scenery in such a compelling manner that I felt like I was in those places. Character-wise, Alek and Deryn really matured during these books and it's a lot of fun seeing them deal with unexpected feelings. And I love Bovril! 

Such a far-fetched idea, but I really think this series would make a good movie! Think of all the CGI potential! I know movies adapted from books don't really turn out well for most, but I totally want to see this universe come to life!

19. David Levithan - The Lover's Dictionary - ****

At least five people in my Twitter feed retweet something from The Lover's Dictionary, so I thought it was probably time I read it in its entirety. I've always liked story collections with unusual concepts, and this was pretty unique!

I quite enjoyed reading the entries and learning meanings from new words. I also thought that this was going to be a series of unrelated entries. Turns out all entries are related but not told in chronological order. So it was interesting trying to piece together the timeline of the relationship being narrated about while reading this novel. I kinda hoped there was going to be a bit of an explanation at the end, but I guess it's really up to the reader to interpret what happened. 

I think I might just read Every Day next, because a lot of people have been talking about it as well.

Oh God, look at those entries. JUST LOOK AT THEM in all their incoherent and juvenile glory. I miss the days when I could write and actually say something worth reading. How do I words???

Deities of writing, lend me your ears. Throw a dictionary at me, idk, I just want to be able to write well again. 

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