Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Chronicles of My Scumbag Brain

It's nice to see how the axiom of continuity and things remaining constant stays true. What's annoying though, is how I see it applied to my blogging. I have a very constant pattern of only updating my blog whenever I'm procrastinating at something, and that shit has got to stop!

As always, I am procrastinating and keeping myself from studying for my impending exam (in a week!) and this is also the time my scumbag brain decides to remind me of the things I've always wanted to do.

"Remember how you were supposed to make that blog layout for someone? Well, no better time to start than today! Oh, and I see you haven't drawn a page in your sketchbook lately, you should do that soon! Meanwhile, Delirium's getting really exciting! You probably should read a few pages. Oops, I took the liberty of reading a few chapters. No big deal. Here, go watch The Avengers so you can feel better. But before that, let's watch Ken Jeong dancing on Ellen, 'cause that guys heeeeeeeee-larious! Oh look! It's getting late! You better sleep so you wake up wide and bright for a whole new day of procrastinating.
Sigh. I can never win with my brain because I always surrender immediately. Also, I just realized how many fucking things I really wanna do and how I really couldn't accomplish them because of the lack of time. Sometimes I wish I had Hermione's Time Turner.

Sigh again. Ok back to looking at mock exams.

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