Monday, 24 September 2012

It's a layouting kind of day.

NEW BLOG LAYOUT! It's definitely not 100% done, I'm gonna have to make my own background image and hopefully paint my own header image. Anybody who knows me knows that I hate using other people's resources in my blogs/web domains. But I don't have the resources right now, so I shall leave the owl and the background image alone for a while.

You'd think I'd be tired of coding HTML and CSS after an entire week of making a website for work, but I guess this is my own form of masochism. At least I'm getting something done!

After the cut is a post from the weekend, written on my cellphone because I was bored as heck on the bus ride home.


I'm gonna write a blog entry on my BlackBerry. Isn't technology such a wonderful thing? It's like a sign that I can't slack off on blog entries or vignette writing because of the availability of a word processor in my pocket. Apparently Lauren Oliver wrote a novel in her BlackBerry and she emailed the entire thing to herself. Ain't that amazing?

I gave myself a long weekend because I very badly need it. All the stress at the workplace is getting to my sanity. Friday afternoon was my only leisurely afternoon in a very long, long while. I honestly love the things I get to do at my job, but the quantity of things I have to layout and code and write is just staggering. Thus the self imposed long weekend.

I really hope better things will come in the following weeks.

I've decided to take my blogging a bit more seriously after reading this blog series by Wanderrgirl. I started this blog with no serious purpose in mind other than a public rantville about my art and my random musings (as opposed to my private livejournal where I go all out in releasing my feels). However, reading the blog series made me realize that I could use this blog better in the long run. I could turn it into my semi-portfolio. I could share my opinions on a public and response-friendly domain. I could dance Gangnam Style and post it for the world to see.

I'm not gonna do the last thing but I am a firm believer that a list is not a list unless it has three items.

So whoever in this byte-filled cosmos is reading my blog, expect entries that are a bit more relevant and coherent.

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