Friday, 10 August 2012

Back to Work

Why am I so fucking socially awkward?

On the phone, after being on hold:
Dude: Sorry for the wait ma'am.
Me: OK.

...I forgot to say, "It's OK." I probably sounded like an idiot.

In other news, my country has been hit by a pretty strong storm and work ended up being called off for two days. This is my second day back at work and I hate it with a fury. I should probably be more grateful that I'm here and all is well with my family, but I hate that I have to go to work when there's nothing really important to do. PLUS, there's always a threat of rain and I don't want to wade through flood waters just to get home!

I spent the two rainy days cleaning my room (wow, something productive), playing Heroes in Time, and finished watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Gunslinger Girl. SZS was a load of fun, even though I didn't get what was happening most of the time. I just went with the flow. Kafuka is definitely a favorite!

Gunslinger Girl is super fascinating, and kind of disturbing too. I'm not really happy with these underage girls being "conditioned" to obey their handlers, and blurring the line between obedience and affection (I am side-eyeing you, Giuse and Henrietta!). But they're still super cool with the guns and the bombs (I'm pretty shallow about weaponry). The plot is kind of slow and not really clear in conflict, but I'm watching it for the stories behind the girls.

I'm now on the second episode of the second season, and for the love of God, what the hell happened to the art?! I really loved the art in the first season, especially the girls because they look so doll-like (emphasizing the whole am-I-really-human argument they had going), but now they just look like generic shoujo manga cutie-patootie kids. The soundtrack isn't really amazing, unlike the first season (I've been playing Ti Amo over and over again). I really hope the plot saves everything! It would be a shame cause I'm really liking this series.

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